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The Universal Language of Project Management (TULOPM)

The Universal Language of Core System Management (TULOCSM)

The Universal Language of Asset Lifecycle Management (TULOALM)

The Universal Language of Non-Verbal Communication Management (TULONCM)


Tanesha L. Bokally


Tanesha L. Bokally builds on a family heritage in land ownership, the timber industry, and business entrepreneurship. She was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio where at the age of 14 she produced an award winning thematic architectural model and at the age of 18 produced drawings for her first design/build project.


Now, she has been managing project efforts and teams for several decades, overseeing budgets up to and exceeding 20 million dollars. Since 2004, she has been a managing member of the consulting firm, Urbanetectonics, LLC. She oversees strategic goals and leads strategic teams to measurable, favorable, and progressive results.


She has made a lifestyle of creating a valued service and product through solving problems, propelling solutions, and creating gains for her former employers, their clients, and now

her clients. All of which trended towards Owner, Manager, and Administrator type roles. She enjoys working one on one with this target market to bring their visions to the next point of fruition, coined the #powerofnext.


She has led a diversified collection of teams and focus groups gathered to accomplish a set of defined goals.  These dynamic teams range in discipline and have been comprised of owners, administrators, managers, facilitators, material suppliers, product vendors, internal/external staff, facilities management, community leaders, architects, engineers, contractors, sub-consultants, and subcontractors. 

Tanesha L Bokally graduated from the NAAB-accredited School of Architecture, Construction, and Civil Technology at Southern Polytechnic State University, now Kennesaw State University, to complete the 5-year Bachelor of Architecture program in 2003, NCARB Intern Development

Program completion in 2004, renamed the Architectural Experience Program, completion of the Construction Business Management Institute program in 2006, assisted the business community as a SCORE Business Advice Certified Mentor for five years, acquired a Business Skills Certificate in 2021 and has completed Graduate level Entrepreneurial Leadership coursework in pursuit of her Masters degree.


She is the creator and author of "The Universal Language of Management Series" featuring books on management consulting for Owners, Managers, and Administrators who have an expressed need for sustainable management solutions and who need viable resources to assist them in making informed decisions about their projects and different types of work. The series also serves as a human capital on-boarding, professional development, and client relationship management tool.

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